5 things only plant people say

Plant people really are a ridiculous bunch, and accordingly, we say ridiculous things. Here is a short post made up of 5 things only plant people say.

1. “Is it creepy if I ask them for a cutting?”

If you’ve ever walked past a house with kalanchoe succulent growing in the front yard with pink variegation, you’ll know what I mean. You can’t help but wonder if the resident would be creeped out if you knocked on their door asking it if would be okay to take a cutting, but you also know that you might never see that plant for sale.

The other side of this coin is “here, have this cutting! Take another one!”

Image via Wallpaper Flare

2. “I don’t have any more space for plants. I guess I just won’t buy any more.”

Fat chance. We say this, but then we make space and buy new plants as soon as we see a plant sale, which really ties into the next thing we say

3. “But it was on sale!”

Guilty as charged. I say this all the time.

Plant store
Image via Flickr

4. “I got this orchid shipped in from the Philippines.”

It’s a bargain until you see the shipping cost.

Image via Needpix

5. “Will it be okay if I move this out of the sun and rotate it with another plant?”

Once again, our buying habits mean that sometimes we have to prioritise which plants get sun. If you find yourself asking if your plant will be okay if you move it out of the sun, the answer is probably no. (Jokes aside, please only move low light plants into low light locations.)

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