5 Plant YouTubers I like to watch

Okay, you’ve probably guessed by now that I’m totally obsessed with houseplants at this point. In fact, I even watch houseplant content on YouTube in my spare time when I’m not studying, working or blogging. Having combed through a lot of of YouTube to plant content, I feel like I’m in a pretty good position to recommend some YouTubers who I think are particularly informative and/or entertaining. Keep in mind that this list is in no particular order, other than the order in which they come to mind.

1. Planterina

Video via YouTube

Amanda has quite a casual, conversational demeanour, and her videos are usually quite informative, but what really sets her apart is her eye for aesthetics. For my personal taste, there are too many plants crammed together, but even so, I cannot deny that her decor looks objectively amazing. It makes sense that she has great plant decor and styling tips, after all, she was a landscape architect. She actually teaches viewers how to make DIY plant stands and cover pots among other plant accessories, which is something you don’t see much of on plant YouTube.

Another thing I like about Amanda is how entrepreneurial she is. Her YouTube channel is a great method of marketing for her online plant store, planterina.com. It’s honestly inspiring how she (and other people working behind the scenes, I’m sure) built a whole brand from her love of houseplants.

2. Nick Pileggi

Video via YouTube

Nick Pileggi works at a plant store, so you can’t really fault him for owning a tonne of plants. If I was surrounded by houseplants as often as he is, I would also give into the temptation to buy a whole bunch of plants. He has quite a large selection and he’s very knowledgeable. It’s interesting to see his take on certain plants because he has quite a unique inside look into the houseplant supply chain, because he works as a professional buyer for a plant store.

3. MissOrchidGirl

Video via YouTube

Danny’s YouTube videos are a visual feast, because she always has orchids in bloom. Her videos are highly informative, and I’ve learned most of what I know about orchids from her channel. She has a huge range of orchids, and her dedication to them is absolutely insane. I can’t remember exactly how far back, but about a year or two back, many of her orchids were infected with fusarium, which really set the ones which survived back a lot. It was absolutely heartbreaking to watch. If you have time, visit her channel and support her by watching her videos.

4. Kaylee Ellen

Video via YouTube

Kaylee Ellen keeps it 100% real, exposing shady business when she sees it. She’s a YouTuber and an entrepreneur with her own plant store. It’s interesting to see how plant stores operate behind the scenes, and the amount of work it takes to run one. She strips away the glamorous exterior, and shows us the reality of running the plant store, something you don’t see a lot of on YouTube. I have massive respect for her because she’s toughing it out through the difficult nascency of her plant store. She recently revealed in a video that she barely makes enough to survive and reinvest in her store with the combined income of YouTube and her plant store. Starting a business is hard, be sure to check out her videos to support her!

5. Zane’s Wildflora

Video via YouTube

Zane is entertaining to watch: he’s high energy, expressive, and just straight up fun. I found his channel through his video where he cross pollinated succulents, which was pretty amazing. You don’t see a lot of that on YouTube. It might just be my imagination, but his content used to be more orchid and succulent centred, but has recently evolved to be more focused around a wider range of houseplants.

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