The 5 Unkillables

Ever read the book The Killables by Gemma Malley? I’m going to introduce you to The Unkillables, 5 plants who will survive just about anything that indoor environments can throw at them. Obviously, this is just puffery: all plants have their strengths and weaknesses, and these plants are no different. However, they’re low maintenance over all in homes because the conditions they like are similar to those of indoor environments.

1. Succulents and cactuses

I’m not the hugest fan of cactuses, but they’re certainly easy to care for. Put your cactuses and your succulents in an area with bright light in well draining soil, and they’ll be totally fine. If you’re afraid of overwatering, wait until they reach a critical point of dryness where they start to wrinkle. They will perk right back up after watering.


2. Pothos and Philodendron

These bad boyes are impossible to kill. Give them some potting soil, and they’ll survive under most light conditions. There really isn’t that much to say about them. They’re quite nice in that they develop these big root systems which mean that established plants are hard to overwater, and they’re also quite drought resistant, meaning it’s hard to kill them with under watering too.

Image via Pixabay

3. Peace lilies

Pot these up in a well draining potting mix and watch them thrive under almost any light condition. Just don’t give them hot direct sunlight. They’ll droop a little when dehydrated to tell you that they want a drink, so you’ll know when to water.

Peace lily
Image via Wikimedia Commons

4. Sansevierias

High light, low light, they don’t care at all. Just give them a well draining soil and water when you feel that the soil is dry below the surface.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

5. English ivy

Keep soil moist but not wet. Just give the surface a bit of a feel, and you’ll know when to water. If you give these plants a well draining soil mix and a pot with drainage holes, it’s almost impossible to overwater these. Unlike some other water-loving plants, these are also fairly alright if you miss a watering. They’ll also do well in any light condition.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

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