5 winter blooming houseplants to bring beautiful flowers into your home

Winter time can be oh so depressing for indoor gardeners: your plants begin to slow down in terms of their growth, and some of them might even drop some leaves or go dormant. Fret not! You can spruce up your home with these houseplants that bloom in the winter to get you through the long winter:

1. Cyclamen

These bad boyes come with flowers of all different colours, which makes them really versatile. Their dark green foliage would look particularly striking against a white pot. If you happen to get a white one, also consider a bright red pot to contrast with the green leaves. The reason why I specify that you’d want a white one is because pink and red together can often look a little gaudy or tacky when the undertones of the two shades aren’t a good fit.

Cyclamen flowers

2. Jade tree

Jade tree is an extremely hardy succulent that will survive just about anything, and give you stunning pink flowers through the winter. That being said, they need to a decent size to be able to flower. Thus, in order to ensure that you consistently get blooms, make sure you have at least one large stock plant, and take large cuttings to grow in your home in the spring and summer, so that by winter time you’ll have clusters of blooms which look like tufts of pink clouds in your home.

Jade tree flowers

3. Phalaenopsis orchid

Okay, I write about phals a lot, but for good reasons. They’re just stunning plants to look at, and they’re easy to care for when you know how to care for them.

Phal Orchid flowers

4. Clivia

Clivia is such a beautiful plant. At home, I grow a miniata with orange blooms at home. The orange s beautiful to begin with, but reads even more beautifully on camera against the warm green leaves.


5. Kalanchoe

Kalanchoe is a really accessible plant that I just haven’t gotten round to buying it. You see, I love the plant, but I can’t justify spending money on it because it’s so common that I’m convinced that someone I know must have it an be willing to part with a tiny bit of it so I can have a cutting. The blooms come in all different colours, so they’re extremely versatile.

Kalanchoe flowers

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