5 dank houseplant memes to brighten up your day

Hey there! I’ve been busy working on some projects that are unrelated to this blog, so I haven’t gotten round to writing another blog post. The idea of writing another pest profile is quite inviting in one sense, because there are so many pests to write about, but I hate having to write about them because the mere mention of pests stresses me out, and that’s not really what this blog is about. Writer’s block happens to us all sometimes. Here’re some memes about houseplants. Some of these were made by me, and others were circulated on the internet, making it difficult to know where they originally came from, but here are 5 houseplant memes to brighten up your day

Plant meme 1

Plant meme 2

Plant meme 3

Plant meme 4

Plant meme 5

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