Top 5 plants for your bathroom

I’m not one for the whole indoor jungle feel, but the home jungle aesthetic has certainly taken off in the past few years. As such, a lot of people like having plants all over the house, including in the bathroom. The problem with bathrooms is that they often get very little light, fluctuate in temperature and are subject to large amounts of humidity (more than some plants can handle). In this post, I’ll be recommending 5 plants for bathrooms based on tolerance for high humidity, fluctuating temperature and low light.

5. Anthuriums


I remember that as a child, my parents bought an Anthurium and put it in our bathroom. Its red flowers were a really vibrant focal point set against the neutral colour scheme of the rest of the room. Nowadays, there are all different kinds of Anthurium cultivars, so they’re a much more diverse group of houseplants now. They come in all shapes and sizes, though some of them definitely do require more light so be sure to look into that before buying. Also note that with some of the ‘rarer’ (ie. more in demand) cultivars, are sold as small plants propagated from larger ones as offshoots or as cuttings, and they’ll grow incredibly large over the years, meaning that you should consider the space it will be in when choosing an Anthurium. At the end of the day, though, Anthuriums are tropical plants, which means their growth is slowed by lowered temperatures, but provided that you keep their bare nursery pots off of cold tiled floors in the winter, they should be fine.

4. Spider plants

Spider plant

I wrote about spider plants already in an earlier post but honestly these plants are damn near indestructible. They’ll withstand all of the conditions of a bathroom with ease, and still give you a fair amount of growth.

3. Most ferns


Most ferns love high humidity, and can withstand temperature drops and low light quite well. A benefit of keeping them in your bathroom is that most people generally shower once or twice a day, which means that you’re more likely to bump into it at least that often. This means you can get on it ASAP when ferns need water, because boye can they drink.

2. Peace lilies

Peace lily

Peace lilies love humidity, are notorious for being able to grow under extreme low light conditions and can withstand temperature drops very well. Do note that it is possible for these plants to get a powdery white mildew on the leaves as a result of fungal infection, which will stunt growth but not threaten its life in any way. Like all fungal infections, this is facilitated by extremely high humidity, but this is extremely rare. I’ve only ever seen one case of it, and that was when the plant’s leaves were actually wet multiple times throughout the day.

1. Phalaenopsis orchids


Phalaenopsis orchids are low light orchids, and they love humidity. The other plants on this list are great, but the reason why this plant takes first place is because it doesn’t simply withstand temperature drops like the other plants — it embraces them. Phalaenopsis orchids need temperature fluctuations between day and night in order to flower, meaning that it is the perfect plant to add a little colour to your bathroom in winter and spring, and give it a cute little splash of green for the rest of the year.

There you have it! 5 plants that will thrive in your bathroom. Remember to leave a like for this blog post if it helped you out!

Plant bathroom

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