Calming mossarium build

In my opinion, moss is one of the most underrated plants to have ever graced this green earth. They filter and retain water, provide food for animals, protect the ground from erosion, sequester carbon dioxide, photosynthesise, and absorb and neutralise otherwise hazardous chemicals. They also act as valuable bioindicators of severe pollution.

In the video, I build a mossarium (a terrarium made only with moss) to pay homage to the beautiful mosses that greatly contribute to, and help sustain, the biodiversity of the earth, and in this post, I’ll be explaining the process and giving a little information on how the mossarium will sustain the moss so you can build your own mossarium.

For the vessel, I chose to turn a bottle on its side. This means that I have more surface area to work with. Moss can grow quite tall, but I suspect it will not in the case of the specific types of moss that I chose. Thus, I could get away with sacrificing vertical space for horizontal space.

In terms of the build, I first added a layer of pre-rinsed clay beads as a false bottom to ensure that the moss isn’t bogged in wet soil. Of course, moss is a lot more tolerant of wet soil than standard houseplants, but old habits die hard, I guess. I’ve also seen others build mossariums with false bottoms so I thought I’d follow the trend to ensure that I don’t end up killing my moss.

Then, I added a very thin layer of moist soil onto the clay beads. Unlike most other plants, moss doesn’t grow a root system. It is a bryophyte, meaning that like liverwort, it doesn’t grow roots, and directly absorbs water from the air and moist surfaces (usually soil, wood or rocks) around it. This means that the soil layer can be kept very thin so that the moss can take up more space in the mossarium.

Finally, I added the moss, arranging it based on how it looked to me and “vibed” with me. Terrarium and mossarium building is personal, and if it feels right to you, then that’s all that matters. For this build, I harvested some moss myself and bought some online. This allows me to get quite a variety of mosses in a single mossarium. I also decorated the mossarium with a few pebbles for decoration. A tip with this is to use pebbles to separate areas where you are placing different mosses that look somewhat similar to break up the space and create interest between them.

I hope you guys enjoyed the video and this post! Feel free to email me with pictures of your houseplants and/or terrariums or leave them in the comments for everyone to see.

The finished product

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