How to choose the best plant for your home

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Before buying a houseplant, there are several factors that you need to consider to ensure that the houseplant you will be getting will grow strong and healthy under your care. These are the factors that you should check before getting your houseplant.

Know your area

It is important to know that the area or place where you will be putting your plant is well-suited enough to make your plant happy:

● Sunlight – You should always know how much sunlight your place is getting so that you will know what plants can tolerate the sunlight in your home. For example, if you get a plant that only needs direct sunlight but you don’t have a place to place it outside or even a window that gets enough sunlight, we know how that is gonna end for the plant if it does not get enough sunlight it needs!

● Space – When getting a plant, you imagine a place where you want to put it while it’s still young, but you should know that some plants do not stay the same. Some plants can grow big so better to check the area of your home if it can still cater to the plant that you will be getting even if it becomes bigger. Make sure that they are not too close to a piece of furniture that may cause blockage of airflow.

● Temperature – Since you already know how the temperature will be in your location throughout the year, it is best to check and see if the plant that you are planning to get will be fine with it as well. During spring and summer, temperatures are absolutely fine but when it becomes colder, the plant should be fine with it as well, especially when it comes to fluctuating temperatures.

● Humidity – We all know that in greenhouses, plants grow healthy because of humidity. So again, it is good to know the humidity in your home because some plants may need to be placed in areas with high humidity. You can always get a humidifier, but this may not be enough for some plants as some may require you to mist them frequently to get the humidity that they want. If you can provide it then great, but if you cannot, best to stay away from those plants.


When choosing a houseplant, it’s always best to research that specific plant so you can see if you have the time to give the plant proper care. Always keep in mind that plants are somewhat like humans and you are their parent and you should give them their needs. To give you an idea of what you should know about before getting your plant, here is what you should look up:

Watering – You should always know the frequency of watering your plants. Whether you should wait for them to dry before watering or whether you should keep them moist. One of the biggest mistakes beginner plant parents make is that they tend to overwater their houseplant. Yes, they do need water but you should also know how much they need and when they need it. Some plants may also show signs that they are thirsty so best to check them out as well.

Fertilizing – It is a fact that plants need these fertilizers. Fertilizers provide proper nutrients to your plants so they can grow healthy, bigger, stronger, and faster. When giving them fertilizer, you should also know what type that specific plant needs. How frequent they need it and how much they need it. There are some events where plants are overfertilized that lead to the decrease of growth, they get weak and become more vulnerable to diseases and pests.

Soil – It is always best to check the right soil for your plant. But then this will all depend on the type of plant that you will get. For most plants, well-draining soil should be enough but there are other plants that may need special mixes, not to worry for these are normally found in plant shops or gardening stores.

The above mentioned are what you usually should check before getting your very first plant but there are other things that you still have to know:

Pet Friendly – if you are a plant parent, this is something that you should check. Some plants are highly toxic and may cause alarm when chowed down by your furry babies. Knowing this lets you plan beforehand and can let you keep both your plant and pets safe.

Wiping your plants – since plants do not usually move, they tend to accumulate dust in the long while. The best habit is to wipe down your plant’s leaves using a damp cloth. This will make them absorb more sunlight and grow more beautiful.

The large leaves of the Ficus lyrata often need a wipe because of the dust that accumulates on them

When going on vacation – Vacation is something that we cannot avoid and will need from time to time. With this, before leaving make sure to check out ways on how to keep your plants healthy while on vacation so they will not be neglected.

Choosing the best plant for your home can be tricky, one of the best ways to find a new plant that fits your home is by visiting an online plant shop that usually will tell you all the characteristics of each plant, ensuring you get a plant that will thrive in your home. A great
online plant shop to check out is

This post was written by Clarisse
General Manager at

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