Top 5 flowering plants to brighten up your home

Flowers have been the object of human admiration and appreciation throughout history and across cultures because of their beauty. It’s all well and good to bring them into our homes in the form of cut flowers, but they usually only last for around two weeks before wilting away. Fortunately, there are houseplants that can survive in our homes and give us vibrant blooms which last a great deal longer than cut flowers. In this post, we’ll be sharing our top five flowering indoor plants. These plants were selected based on the ‘showiness’ of their blooms. That is, all five plants have flowers that are conspicuous enough to be the main focus when the plant is in bloom, rather than mere additional appendages. These plants are also perennials which will bloom year after year.

1) Flamingo Flower (Anthurium andreanum)

These stunning plants add a pop of colour and warmth into any room. Given bright indirect light, these Anthuriums will grow fiery red blooms all year round. These flowers should be kept from the heat of direct sunlight as well as hot and cold drafts to maximise the amount of time the flowers last. Of course, flowers fading and browning after two or three months is entirely natural. Thriving in warm and humid environments, Flamingo Flowers will thrive in a bright bathroom. You can get one now here.

2) Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum)

Peace lilies are truly deserving of their name, adding a touch of serenity and elegance to a space. One cannot help but to feel a sense of peace when looking at them. Their white flowers are plentiful, and last for about a month or two before turning green, and finally turning brown. These plants can survive in low light conditions but need medium indirect light to bloom. Exposure to any direct light at all can burn flowers and cause leaves to flop. These plants will do great in just about any room but can spread and take up a great deal of horizontal space. A detailed care guide for peace lilies can be found here, and you can purchase one here.

3) Phalaenopsis orchid

When it comes to having eye-catching sprays and cascades of blooms that pull focus, there is simply no beating the Phalaenopsis orchid. As a plant with rather plain leaves, the blooms are truly the star of the show when it comes to Phals. A detailed care guide and introduction to Phalaenopsis orchids can be found here. The flowers of this plant can last for more than six months before beginning to fade, making them the longest lasting flowers on this list. The only downside is that these plants tend to only bloom once a year. In addition, some have trouble reblooming orchids or even keeping them alive, as they are more finnicky than your average houseplant.

4) Bromeliads

Bromeliads are fascinating foliage plants in their own right, with many Bromeliads sporting dome-like “water tanks” in the middle of their stems, which can be filled with water as a means of watering. Their flowers, however, emerge as large, singular, and striking inflorescences which last for around four or five months. These bad boys can withstand full, unfiltered sun, though if you’re buying them as indoor plants, there’s a good chance that you’ll need to slowly acclimate them to hot sunlight. You can get one now using this link.

5) Wax Begonias

red flowers in a garden begonias close up yellow center

Not all begonias are made equal when it comes to flowers. Wax begonias tick the boxes of having showy flowers while also looking decent as foliage plants when not in bloom. In comparison, rex begonias fall more into the category of foliage plants, while tuberous begonias produce showy blooms but look rather sad when they’re not flowering. When grown indoors, wax begonias can be kept as perennials. Simply ensure that they have bright, indirect light (though they can also survive direct sunlight if properly acclimated). Begonias prefer not to dry out completely between waterings. Instead, try to keep them evenly moist to encourage growth and flowering.

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