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Indoor plants are a must-have in any space as they come with many different benefits. They’ve also been an essential part of interior design for a very long time. As more and more people move to small spaces in urban areas, the need to have some greenery at home grows. Bringing plants into your home and caring for them is a beneficial activity as it can boost your mood and add life to your indoor space. There are so many different types of houseplants that the real challenge is choosing the ones that will thrive in your house. 

Read our ultimate guide to indoor plants to learn how to choose your houseplants, how to keep them alive, and how to use them to beautify your home.

Man holding an indoor plant
Photo by Sanni Sahil on Unsplash

A Short History of Indoor Plants

The practice of growing potted plants indoors, also known as indoor gardening, originates from Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece. Observing old paintings and sculptures, we notice that these ancient civilizations had a real love for beauty. Therefore growing plants was a common practice. Other civilizations such as the Egyptians and the Indians also enjoyed growing potted plants but they usually kept them outdoors. Indoor gardening was also present in Chinese and Japanese culture. However, it consisted mostly of growing bonsai trees and dwarf plants.

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