5 Perfect gifts for plant people (that aren’t houseplants)

We houseplant people aren’t always the easiest people to shop for at Christmas time. Oftentimes, we can be picky about what plants we want, making it hard to buy plants for us. Of course, that is to say nothing of the possibility that we might already have certain plants that we end up being gifted with. It’s much easier to buy us gifts that will make indoor gardening easier for us. In this post, I’ll give 5 suggestions for what you can get us, with recommendations for what kind of grower would appreciate each gift.

1. Moisture metres

Moisture metres are a great gift for beginners and others who struggle with getting the balance right between overwatering and underwatering. I would recommend getting moisture metres as part of a larger “gift pack” rather than just gifting moisture metres alone to avoid looking as if you’re implying that the recipient can’t otherwise keep their plants alive. Moisture metres are most suitable to growers who use potting mix/soil. They will be little help to those who grow plants in water, self-watering pots, or in LECA.

2. Large cover pots

Large cover pots can get to that sweet spot in price when they reach the 30cm (a foot for the US readers) diameter size — They become too expensive for everyday spending but not so expensive that they’d be considered to be pricey Christmas gifts. I would only recommend buying a large cover pot for someone who has large plants which can be up-potted into a large cover pot. Potting small plants in huge pots may result in root rot.

3. Stackable totem poles

Gifting a number of stackable totem poles is essentially an affirmation that you believe your friend/family member’s plants will continue to grow strong and healthy. Stackable totem poles are great for those who own long, trailing plants that could benefit from a pole to climb on.

4. Plant stands

Plant stands are an indoor grower’s best friend because they create visual interest by lifting our plants off the floor. Beyond this, they also play the important role of saving floor space, as they allow plants to be arranged in vertical space. As such, plant stands are a great Christmas gift for the plant hoarder in your life who constantly complains that they’re in need of more space for their plants.

5. Nursery trip

Nothing beats the gift of quality time together. If you’re not sure what kind of plant to get your friend, why not treat them to a nursery/ plant store trip together? That way, they get to choose what plants to buy and you’ll get to spend time with them while they’re in their element. This gift is perfect for every plant person, but might he especially great for those who are beginners or those who are looking to expand their collection.

I hope this helps with Christmas shopping. Ultimately, when it comes to gift giving, it’s the thought that counts. I’m sure the plant people in your life will appreciate whatever you get them, but these gifts are a safe bet if you’re still unsure on what to get them for Christmas.


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