5 houseplant FAQs answered

Before I start the main body of this post, I just wanted to acknowledge that I’ve finally hit 50 posts on this blog and thank everyone who has been reading. When I started this blog, I hoped, but didn’t to gain a readership. I kind of prepared myself to shout into the void, or rather,Continue reading “5 houseplant FAQs answered”

Under-watering vs Overwatering: 4 key questions answered

Let’s talk about watering. It’s definitely a topic that can be very frustrating for a lot of beginners, because under-watering and overwatering result in remarkably similar symptoms for your plants, so it can be hard for beginners to tell the difference. In this post, I’ll be explaining why the two look so similar, how toContinue reading “Under-watering vs Overwatering: 4 key questions answered”