Does playing music for your houseplants really make them grow?

Houseplant owners report anecdotally that singing to plants or playing music for them speeds up houseplant growth. While I love the idea that music helps plants grow, logically, I can’t bring myself to believe in the claim: after all, plants grow in all different ways, some of which are not visible to the naked eye.Continue reading “Does playing music for your houseplants really make them grow?”

Make your own terrarium in 5 steps

Terrariums have (rightly) become a very popular way of growing houseplants. Terrariums are a great way to grow certain plants because of how well they retain moisture. They’re also a great way to see all aspects of your plants’ health at all times. Often, as the roots of your terrarium plants sprawl outwards, they becomeContinue reading “Make your own terrarium in 5 steps”

Up your plant game: 5 Plant FAQs answered

1. How can I increase humidity without damaging my home/furniture? Some people use humidifiers in their home to take care of calatheas, ferns and other high humidity plants. Personally, I don’t do this because it has the potential to cause damage to paint and wood. There are a few things you can do to ensureContinue reading “Up your plant game: 5 Plant FAQs answered”

Gardening, houseplants and social class

It is no surprise that your interest in horticulture can be seen as an indicator of social class. After all, nurturing a plant so that it can produce pretty blooms or beautify your space is ostensibly very similar to the upper class’ fascination with beautiful pieces of art, at least in principle. In fact, inContinue reading “Gardening, houseplants and social class”

5 ways you can cut down the cost of houseplants

Most of us are guilty of spending more than we should have on a plant stand, or that fabulous garden bench, simply because we want to live among beautiful things. The houseplant hobby is expensive, if we’re going to be completely honest. You need plants, cover pots, potting mix, fertiliser, water, and grow lights atContinue reading “5 ways you can cut down the cost of houseplants”

The Ivy experiment part 1

This won’t be a particularly long post, since I was really busy today, but still wanted to update my blog. For my folklore and foliage post, I did a bit of reading, and found out that the Ancient Greeks used to believe that ivy was able to stop people from experiencing drunkenness if it wasContinue reading “The Ivy experiment part 1”

Talking to your plants pt. 2: Light

Light is one of the primary energy sources of our houseplants. As such, when we are unable to give plants the light conditions they need in order to survive, they’ll exhibit changes which warn us that we need to give them more or less light. In this post, I’ll briefly cover the signs that youContinue reading “Talking to your plants pt. 2: Light”

Foliage and folklore: 5 ~magical~ houseplants

Plants have captured the human imagination for centuries. Here is a list of 5 houseplants that have done an especially good job at doing so, inspiring all kinds of tales and speculation about their metaphysical properties. Put on your witch’s hat a take out your cauldron, let’s get ~witchy~ 1. Aloe vera We think ofContinue reading “Foliage and folklore: 5 ~magical~ houseplants”

Going into and out of the growing season

Going into and out of the growing season can be tricky to some indoor gardeners, especially those just starting out. For those entering the growing season, it is a time of excitement. It is the time when you will reap the most rewards for your labours and your plants will spring back into action afterContinue reading “Going into and out of the growing season”