Under-watering vs Overwatering: 4 key questions answered

Let’s talk about watering. It’s definitely a topic that can be very frustrating for a lot of beginners, because under-watering and overwatering result in remarkably similar symptoms for your plants, so it can be hard for beginners to tell the difference. In this post, I’ll be explaining why the two look so similar, how toContinue reading “Under-watering vs Overwatering: 4 key questions answered”

Talking to your plants pt. I: Water and Moisture

When we think of crazy cat ladies, we tend to think of single, middle-aged ladies with frizzy, dishevelled hair, crooked glasses, and a perpetual hunch. They speak to their cats, and react to their meowing as if they can understand what the cats are saying. Some even meow back (Okay, I sometimes do this too).Continue reading “Talking to your plants pt. I: Water and Moisture”